English: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida D...

Currently making — mocking!?! — news are the latest hyperbolic rantings and chimerical falsities to spew from the snaky pout of Debbie MassiveMouth Schultz. Her virtual accusation of the Tea-party as confederates in the shooting of her “friend” Gabriel Giffords and more than 15 others in Arizona is low, bombastic banter aimed at the sophomoric cognition of a politically immature audience. Yet this haughty “lady,” doing her best impression of an “I dare you to say something bad about me” 10-year-old brat, is only egged on by a media that is all-too-quick to label Sarah Palin “combative” for using the common language of a modern huntress. Conservative women are vilified  — think Maggie Thatcher — while women of the Left are praised…Hillary, anyone?


Feminist “rights” groups readily supported Anita Hill — and her false accusations — as she desperately tried to destroy the career of Clarence Thomas (the dynamic regarding Conservative vs. Leftist is precisely the same re: the Black community), but they were nowhere to be found in defense of Juanita Broaddrick, the rape victim of Bill Clinton. The strategy used is trite and, unfortunately, effective — especially when the goal is to persuade a political culture that is too often arrogant, ignorant or just stupid.  Continue reading