English: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida D...

Currently making — mocking!?! — news are the latest hyperbolic rantings and chimerical falsities to spew from the snaky pout of Debbie MassiveMouth Schultz. Her virtual accusation of the Tea-party as confederates in the shooting of her “friend” Gabriel Giffords and more than 15 others in Arizona is low, bombastic banter aimed at the sophomoric cognition of a politically immature audience. Yet this haughty “lady,” doing her best impression of an “I dare you to say something bad about me” 10-year-old brat, is only egged on by a media that is all-too-quick to label Sarah Palin “combative” for using the common language of a modern huntress. Conservative women are vilified  — think Maggie Thatcher — while women of the Left are praised…Hillary, anyone?


Feminist “rights” groups readily supported Anita Hill — and her false accusations — as she desperately tried to destroy the career of Clarence Thomas (the dynamic regarding Conservative vs. Leftist is precisely the same re: the Black community), but they were nowhere to be found in defense of Juanita Broaddrick, the rape victim of Bill Clinton. The strategy used is trite and, unfortunately, effective — especially when the goal is to persuade a political culture that is too often arrogant, ignorant or just stupid. 

The Leftist attack is duplicitous and vile: they present themselves as one, unified body  — e.g., “Women” — but, in reality, they are nothing of the sort; their only unifying motivator lies in a coalescence of Leftist prescriptions for what they’ve deemed to be the “ills of society.” This “dropping the radical clothes for the radical pose” approach is a potent tool of the Left, as it is based on deception — and the American electorate has proven to be very easily deceived, as was seen in the 2008 Presidential campaign when Barack “Hussein Reverend Wright Bill Ayers Van Jones And Every Other Comrade That Went Un-Vetted” Obama used simple and cheap rhetoric in a fanciful, wayward manner to further manipulate a populace that was already having its strings pulled by a nefarious media.

As the 2012 election is way-too-rapidly approaching, I anticipate a ramped-up continuance of the “Divide-Manipulate-Conquer” model as Obama defendants and attack dogs get “faster and looser” with their deviation from reality. The enticing spoils of the “New Social Structure” guaranty Lefties their privileged role at the top of their “New Pyramid,” where the bottom layer of expanding unemployeds is continually redefined as the masses are propagandized into thinking that 3 DOLLARS A DAY (that’s what “$40 per-pay-period” is worth; Obama slyly leaves out THE DEFINITION OF A PAY PERIOD — which is TWO WEEKS!) is a worthy trade for a vote to re-elect a wanting dictator.


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