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As this Martin Luther King Day passes in a year of contentious political battles, I’ve chosen to reflect on one of my childhood heroes. Listening to MLK’s speeches always got me going, and watching Obama makes me realize how destructively manipulative such rhetoric actually is. The current holiday may well have been borne of far-Left […]

English: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida D...

Currently making — mocking!?! — news are the latest hyperbolic rantings and chimerical falsities to spew from the snaky pout of Debbie MassiveMouth Schultz. Her virtual accusation of the Tea-party as confederates in the shooting of her “friend” Gabriel Giffords and more than 15 others in Arizona is low, bombastic banter aimed at the sophomoric cognition of a politically immature audience. Yet this haughty “lady,” doing her best impression of an “I dare you to say something bad about me” 10-year-old brat, is only egged on by a media that is all-too-quick to label Sarah Palin “combative” for using the common language of a modern huntress. Conservative women are vilified  — think Maggie Thatcher — while women of the Left are praised…Hillary, anyone?


Feminist “rights” groups readily supported Anita Hill — and her false accusations — as she desperately tried to destroy the career of Clarence Thomas (the dynamic regarding Conservative vs. Leftist is precisely the same re: the Black community), but they were nowhere to be found in defense of Juanita Broaddrick, the rape victim of Bill Clinton. The strategy used is trite and, unfortunately, effective — especially when the goal is to persuade a political culture that is too often arrogant, ignorant or just stupid.  Continue reading

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Jehmu Greene‘s rhetoric is just one bombastic — large AND loud — example of a sissified & callous approach to argument, often referred to as “passive-aggression.” While constantly preaching about the “need” for a “conversation,” she knowingly partakes in a awkward-seeming but all too coherent attack, one which I simplified in an article titled, “HIDDEN EVIL.”  This is a planned strategy, the primary purpose of which is to all but force the opponent to utter something — ANYTHING! — that might render said opponent  illiberal, racist or otherwise disqualified to continue in the “conversation.”

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  Hurricane Arthur was moving offshore and away from North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Friday morning, one day after making landfall, leaving about 22,000 without electricity and threatening holiday weekend plans along the eastern seaboard. Arthur, which strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane packing 100 mph winds on Thursday, reached land about 11:15 p.m. between […]