January 6, 2012

Obama’s G.O.D.


Hurricane Arthur was moving offshore and away from North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Friday morning, one day after making landfall, leaving about 22,000 without electricity and threatening holiday weekend plans along the eastern seaboard.

Arthur, which strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane packing 100 mph winds on Thursday, reached land about 11:15 p.m. between Cape Lookout and Beaufort, North Carolina, the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said.




As of 7 a.m. Friday, Arthur was centered about 65 miles east-northeast of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and 95 miles east-southeast of Norfolk, Virginia. It was moving northeast near 23 mph. It is expected to weaken as it travels north and dump rain along the East Coast.

About 22,000 were without power across the Carolinas early Friday, according to Duke Energy’s website.

“We’re most concerned about flooding inland and also storm surges in our sounds and our rivers further inland,” North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday. An evaluation of storm damage would have to wait until after the sun rose Friday, McCrory said.


While the United States of America’s governmental system is designated in the country’s Constitution as a “representative republic,” blatant Leftists/Progressives such as Barack Obama have been steadily chipping away at that document’s stoney truths. Under the bogus guise of intent to “do the right thing,” this president has been destroying the voice of all Americans as he establishes his ” Government Of Democracy.”

In a representative republic, the “people’s voice” is heard through a bicameral congress — that being,of course,the House of Rep’s & Senate — whose members achieve their charge by accumulating a majority of votes from their designated constituents. This legislative branch, along with executive and judicial subdivisions, correlate in a “checks and balances” paradigm  designed to prevent the usurpation of power by any one of the three branches that comprise the US government.

Obama’s recent “recess” appointments and continuing rhetoric about bypassing an “uncooperative” Congress to do the “people’s” work smacks of the “dictatorial democracies” of Castro and Chavez. Such bombastic assaults on America’s rule book can “progress” towards nothing less than absolute power invested in one man — with a bloated public sector work-force, a propagandist media and an army that he and his wife have been desperately courting.

This president’s G.O.D. must be confronted with the principles of the United States Constitution, particularly the elements designed to protect “the people” from this monstrosity.

photo: sodahead.com

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