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Whenever attempting to promote the warrants of the current president’s re-election bid, Greene willfully ignores Candidate Barack’s successful presidential campaign, whereby he promised to improve the fractured economy — only to squander such an opportunity in the first 2 years as King Tut Obama, with a Democrat-controlled Congress to boot! Focusing on a fraudulent “Stimulus” package & Healthcare program (passed with bogus promises & threats, during a holiday period & — l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y — in the dark of night) while purposefully ignoring economic conditions and obsessing over governmental regulations, Mr. Obama successfully prevented the creation of American jobs. His transparent lies re: “not over promising” in his campaign & “not underestimating” the state of the economy are fraught with inconsistencies — just examine this logic:

In the early days of his reign, BHO referred to the American economy as “the worst since the Great Depression;” With unemployment heading north of the 7% range, he requested — demanded — an $800B Stimulus package, with the PROMISE that unemployment would NOT TOP 8%. Confident in his deficit-busting grab, he moved to nationalize healthcare, and did so ONLY by employing a little used Constitutional tactic reserved SOLELY for economic catastrophe — often referred to as the “nuclear option.” Over the next year he would approve so many corporate waivers to his signature Universal HealthCare “mandate” as to warrant it a SHAM even without perusing the plethora of economists’ rational judgement that, indeed, ObamaCare is an economy-assassin — emphasis on ASSASS.

As she categorically dismisses any valid criticism of this president’s tenure, Ms. Greene might easily be regarded as just another  simpleton, idiot or media whore — and all of these she may very well be; defining her as such does not, however, warrant a casual dismissal of her well-planned, devious & pathetically partisan attack on any given viewer’s common sense. When presented with such faces of passive-aggression, one need be cautious of the words people like Jehmu Greene are really saying: “Please, take the bait…”



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