January 19, 2012

World Wide Weird


Hours after an Italian cruise ship was steered into a rock,  A plane en route from Miami to London had a mishap of other sorts when the “BRACE YOURSELF FOR IMPACT’ tape went on loop…oops…


In England, the murder of one teen at the hands of another has all the makings of a modern horror story. The hauntingly true tale of current occult hysteria in Africa, as the author reminds us, “The latest news out of London is proof that the belief in magic and witchcraft is alive and well in 2012; the Middle Ages are still very much with us.”


An Australian trademark dispute has taken a positive turn for a less-than-innovative product that is, according to the company’s lawyer, “mostly comprising of edible nuts…”

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About my66

...as a given day's events attack one's intellect, the defense mechanism often manifests itself in sharp-sometimes even vicious (as in SID...ha!)-psychological meanderings and subsequent verbal responses...such is the "story" told here, unedited, NOT SO AS TO OFFEND, but hopefully to inform and entertain (and provide selfish metacognitive insight). ...thankfully, ROBERT SMITH/CURE MUSIC is there for respite...along with NEW JERSEY DEVILS, CATS ("oh, that we could be 'as purr-fect as'"), ENGADGET, FREUD, NIETZSCHE and the rest of them...


by Mick Yellow