January 16, 2012

Why not Frederick Douglass Day?

As this Martin Luther King Day passes in a year of contentious political battles, I’ve chosen to reflect on one of my childhood heroes. Listening to MLK’s speeches always got me going, and watching Obama makes me realize how destructively manipulative such rhetoric actually is. The current holiday may well have been borne of far-Left ideology; actually, it’s impossible to divorce the sly language of Leftist manipulators from the propaganda of the Anarchist/Socialists who are bent on the destruction of the American market.

Heck, if Van Jones is calling Martin Luther King, Jr. the “original Occupier,” how may “wacko conspiracy theories” be summarily discounted?

A holiday devoted to Frederick Douglass would, instead, be a true celebration of American values and determination. Rather than “celebrating” a politically-charged holiday, devoted to the life of a man of questionable — at best — personal morals with obvious Leftist relations, America could unite to celebrate the brilliance of yet another GENUINE AMERICAN HERO: Frederick Douglass.

Please learn more about this GREAT man via a fantabulous bio from “Biography,” easily accessed by clicking on the pic below…


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