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It would be simple to dismiss this seemingly-silly movement — especially when judging it by the sight (& stink) of a typical lOWSer — as absent-minded & daft; it would also be a mistake. The mostly mindless sheep following their pragmatic “leaders” are properly trivialized as as a horde of “useful idiots,” but the few at the top of this vicious pyramid are getting their marching orders from a real movement to “fundamentally transform” America.

Leaders of the so-called “Occupy  Wall Street” movement have employed a too-cute-by-1/2 wordplay that really is so trivial as to be uninteresting: “We the People” is detached from a document that continues to prescribe a proper form of government as being one that governs less. This is in direct opposition to the movement’s plea for an ever-bigger public sector, theoretically controlled by what  the phrase’s authors warned against — the TYRANNY of a MAJORITY. In this case, the mob is a ragtag mishmash of stirred up malcontents, marching in city streets and demanding change of a system about which they know little — a Market economy — to a scheme about which they know nothing. The latter employs elements of Marxism — evidenced by class-warfare mantras of “We are the 99%!” and “Pay your fair-share!” — and collectivism, with the ultimate goal of establishing a “Socialist Utopia” where wealth is, ostensibly, “transferred (the term, “redistributed” is a misnomer, since wealth was NEVER “DISTRIBUTED” to begin with!)” from those with to those deemed, “less fortunate.

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Ultimately, Barack Obama and his handlers are the instigators and subsequent beneficiaries of such movements; this president’s persistent attacks on anyone he renders “rich (even as he continues to court the uber-rich for cash)” and his steady references to social injustices have cultivated a vicious breed of “wanters” and would-be takers. The latter have heard their call-to-arms and have responded in kind to pollute public spaces and political venues — using the common tactics of a horde to disrupt the dictates of the U.S. Constitution in their attempt to replace the REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC of America with an unruly, warped, class-obsessed society where chaos at the bottom swells under the misguidance of a privileged bureaucracy.

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